Supreme Cadets Institute

About us

Established in 2016 through the ENCHA Group Corporate Social Responsibility, Supreme Cadets Institute (SCI) is a youth led non-profit organization based in the Atteridgeville Community of Pretoria. The core objectives of the organization are to provide academic and social support to adolescents between the ages of 12 and 19 years. The ultimate goal is to ensure that those with high academic potential, complete high school with the same level of excellence that they achieve in primary school against the socio-economic challenges more prevalent in their high school years. We also support Kinesthetic and/or “tactile” learners who understand better through experiential learning to achieve their potential.

We work with two Primary Schools, Makgatho Primary School and Motsweding Primary School as well as five high schools in the community of Atteridgeville. Our Support for the cadets includes:

  • Weekly cadets’ gatherings consisting of academic tutoring, brass band, drum majorettes, art therapy and academic tutoring.
  • Fortnightly cadets’ assemblies focused on sports, cultural and recreational activities that promote team building and good citizenship.
  • Fortnightly Cadet Tutor Weekends/Week
  • Youth Retreats – for social interactions with young people from other schools, districts and regions, to discuss common challenges and motivate each other. 

We work with learners from two Primary Schools, Sefako Mapogo Makgatho Primary School and SK Moseneke Primary School as well as six high schools in the community of Atteridgeville. Our Support for the cadets includes:

  • Weekly Cadet Meetings
  • Weekly Tutor Gatherings
  • Monthly Cadet Assemblies
  • Youth Retreats and Excursions
  • Social Interventions and Support
  • Sports and Recreation

Vision Statement


To provide a safe haven and seeks to achieve success and development in academic excellence.

Mission Statement


To create a safe and supportive platform for the resolution of socio-economic challenges within our communities, driven by passion, compassion and respect for all humanity.