February Cadet Assembly: Motivational Talk by Mr. Raseroka

As a way of keeping our Cadets motivated we have introduced motivational talks where we invite successful individuals from in and around the community of Atteridgeville to motivate our junior and senior Cadets. We invite them once a quarter which ties in with the Cadets’ goal setting activity. 

The first motivational talk took place at our February Cadets Assembly held on 28th February 2020 at Sefako Mapogo Makgatho Primary School. Our speaker for the day was Mr. Raseroka, a businessman working in the transport and logistics industry. In his talk he touched on four topics that we will expand on:


It is nice to stay in Pretoria

He highlighted the privileges our Cadets have because they live in the city of Pretoria. Some of the things he considered were access to basic amenities that we take for granted such clean running water, tar roads, electricity and other infrastructure that people in some rural areas may not have. Over and above these infrastructure, job opportunities are higher because many companies are based within the City. 

It is nice to be a Supreme Cadet

Cadets have within their disposal people who are interested in helping them develop and reach their full potential as self actualized beings. Being a Cadet affords you the opportunity to receive extra tutoring, support and advice when applying for university among other things. You are given a safe haven that will enable you to focus on doing the best that you can to improve your standard of living and those around you.

The Organogram of Life

With this organogram of life Mr Raseroka was showing the Cadets that you get a time to do everything in life and that you should not find shortcuts in life. At any given point in the pyramid there are certain life lessons and support structures by your side to ensure that you achieve more in life. This organogram also inspires Cadets to work hard so that they are able to reach a  new stage at the relevant time.  

Time, Money and Investment

A relationship was drawn between time management, money and investment. When a person uses their time effectively they can make money and they will then be able to invest it in various opportunities and interests. By doing things that are related to your age at the relevant time you have a higher chance of being successful and reaching greater heights. 

Cadets were also invited to give back to the Institute by donating their time in the future, in the form of tutoring or monetary donations so that other learners can have the same or better opportunities granted to them by SCI.