Junior Cadets Movie Day (Heritage Day)

On the 24th of September 2019, the junior cadets with their rangers went on an excursion to Forest Hill City. The purpose of this trip was to take the junior cadets to watch a movie and have lunch.

Upon arrival the cadets in their lines made their way to Ster-Kinekor. We decided to watch one of the most anticipated movies in 2019, The Lion King, which is a remake of the original movie in 1994. Some cadets have not seen the original Lion King so we gave them an opportunity to watch the iconic movie.

We collected our popcorn, drinks, sweets and headed inside. The cadets faces were filled with excitement and much anticipation. We got seated and watched the movie. The main theme and what the cadets gained from the movie was the concept of “The circle of life”. They understood nature’s way of taking and giving back life to earth.

After the movie we headed to Spur for lunch. We ordered burger meals and chatted around our tables while waiting for our food.

The cadets had an opportunity to play games and get their faces painted at Spur while waiting for the transport to take them home. It was a joyful and fun day for everyone, and the cadets insisted we keep coming back.