The Big Walk 2019

The first week of October is National Recreational week in South Africa. On Sunday, 6th October 2019, the Supreme Cadets Institute (SCI) participated in the Big Walk which happens annually on the first Sunday of October for recreational week in the City of Tshwane. The big walk is part of a series of activities undertaken by the Department of Sports and Recreation in commemoration of National Recreation Day which is aimed at raising awareness about positive and healthy lifestyles as well as promoting participation in sports and recreation amongst South Africans. This year the event took place at the Fountains Valley Resort.

The Senior Cadets together with their rangers, participated in the five kilometres walk which took two hours to complete. After completing the walk, the group headed back to Fountains Valley Resort where they participated in the aerobics.

After the aerobics, the Cadets were given time to go around and see the different stalls as well as watch musical performances by local musicians and influencers.

The senior cadets also got an opportunity to play and go sightseeing within the resort. For many of our cadets, the Big Walk was a first-time event and most of them asked that we afford them the opportunity to participate in 2020.