Tribute to our Patron Meriki Moseneke

On Friday, November 29th 2019 , the Supreme Cadets Institute got the news of the untimely passing of one of their Patrons and founding members Mrs. Meriki Moseneke.

Meriki Moseneke, among other things, will be remembered as a strong black woman, a clear example of what black excellence means as a teacher and community leader, and an advocate for education. She made significant contributions in the paths she had crossed from teaching in Atteridgeville and Tembisa to the Supreme Cadets Institute.

Her commitment to teaching and her students, particularly those from the difficult circumstances was amazing. She regaled us, often, as she only could, with endless stories of the lives of the real learners and teachers that she came across at her school, Isiziba Primary School. We are sometimes a little unsure whether her true calling was teaching or social work- for she was excellent at both.

Each encounter with her reminded us how much we owe the teachers of our land. We worked with her to honour the teachers in Atteridgeville. That work must continue in her honour.

Until her dying days, she was a Patron of the Supreme Cadets Institute-where she gave her all, for no personal benefit. Meriki Moseneke was a valuable and warm-hearted Patron of the Supreme Cadets Institute. She was the voice of reason for the rangers, patrons and cadets of the organization often acting as a mother figure and a mediator at times where it was hard to find common ground.

May her memories remain in our hearts and minds and her soul rest in peace in the eternal presence and joy of the Almighty God.