SCI supports adolescents between the ages of 12 to 19 years by ensuring that those with high academic potential complete High School with the same level of excellence that they achieved in Primary School, against the socio-economic challenges more prevalent in their High School years. We also support Kinesthetic and/or “tactile” learners who understand better through experiential learning to achieve their potential.



  • Weekly Cadet Meetings 
  • Weekly Tutor Gatherings
  • Monthly Cadet Assemblies
  • Youth Retreats and Excursions
  • Social Interventions and Support
  • Sports and Recreation Music, Dance and Poetry 
  • Career Guidance
  • Transport and Meals
  • Cadets Uniform
  • Family Interventions and Coaching
  • Cadets  and Cadets Families Social Support




During school holidays we host Tutor Week when all Cadets come in for tutoring. This is implemented to assist learners to catch up on work they might have missed out on during the term and work ahead of the syllabus.


SCI offers weekday and weekend tutoring sessions to help our Cadets improve their marks and maintain them as they progress throughout Primary and High School. 

We employ tutors from in and around Atteridgeville to help our Cadets with their academics. The tutoring team consists of qualified tutors, teachers from local High Schools and volunteers from local higher learning institutions.


The Rangers and Ranger Assistants meet with the Junior and Senior Cadets once a week for Cadet Meetings, with the purpose of creating an after-school support programme for Cadets. Some activities include:

  • Homework Sessions
  • Book Club and Spelling Bee
  • Wellness dialogues
  • Introduction to Coding
  • Social Entrepreneurship 
  • Entrepreneurship sessions




Many schools in the Atteridgeville community do not offer their pupils extracurricular activities, and this can limit them from discovering and improving their talents. SCI has in the past taken upon itself to offer weekly activities facilitated by professional coaches.

We recognize the benefits of these activities in providing mental and physical stimulation; improving Cadet’s self-image and confidence; improving relationships and ability to work with others.



Our Rangers and Ranger Assistants, supported by our Patrons and Pillars, continuously intervene and engage with teachers, parents, local police and social workers to assist in resolving social challenges that may hinder the overall development of our Cadets.



SCI through its programs, recognized the need to educate our Cadets and make them aware of the social challenges within the community. Since 2019, we have organized various retreats aimed at making the Cadets aware of the social ills.

We have also has taken our Cadets on various excursions to give them new and real life experiences:

  • Kgosi Mampuru Correctional Services Facilities visit: The purpose of this excursion is to show Cadets the importance of being law-abiding citizens and the consequences of living a life of crime. We continuously make efforts to ensure that we get our Cadets to make the right decisions and the visit to the Correctional Services facility is one such example. 
  • The Big Walk and Pheli Colourful Fun Run & Walk: These events allow our Cadets to participate in fun physical activities together. The Big Walk in particular enables us to promote health and fitness among our teenagers.
  • Movie Day: The Junior Cadets get an opportunity to watch a movie at the cinema. This gives an opportunity for the Cadets that have never been to a cinema before to experience it with fellow Cadets and the SCI team.  We try to center the movie based on an educational topic that they can write about.



The Cadet Leadership and Representative Forum (CLRF) was formed in 2020. 

Cadets are provided with an opportunity to elect their Cadet leaders who will represent their interests. This cohort of Cadets will be participating in decision-making structures. 

The CLRC are given the responsibility to ensure that we can maintain order and transparency amongst our Cadets. This also provides an opportunity for Cadets to learn about leadership.



Our SCI Alumni is made up of our past SCI cohorts. We encourage the former Cadets to come on board as volunteers, tutors and Rangers, to share some of the lessons they have gathered of the years as Cadets.


The SJS Moseneke
Sefako Mapogo Makgatho Primary School


F111 & F112 Momentum Building, 329 Pretorius Street, Pretoria CBD 0001

31 Hlahla Street Atteridgeville Pretoria, 0008

Tell: 078 058 2883

Email: info@supremecadets.org.za